Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I don't get it

I don't get:
  • why my dog thinks I'm the person I would like to be.
  • how it is that so many nonChristians have inspired me to be more Christlike.
  • why it doesn't come out on the page the way I feel it in my insides.
  • why I wait until the last minute to do something I could've done days ago, but now it's taken me longer than it should, cost twice as much, and turned out half as good.
  • why my kids get sick at the dawn of weekend.
  • why liberals blame George W for global warming, obesity, and our country's growing inability to compete with the world's most brilliant minds.
  • why older people don't understand how to set microwave, answering machine, or VCR clocks.
  • why people ask me if I'm okay while I'm choking.
  • why idiot jerks who pass me dangerously on the highway glare at me like I did something stupid.
  • how they can expect us all to believe we're all "special" the way they're teaching it in schools now.
  • how my eyeballs used to work perfectly, and then one day they started shape shifting.
  • how people who look perfectly healthy can have only three months to live.
  • why all the really good tasting food has to kill me.
  • why there are no lines until it's time for me to check out.
  • why I find the rebate paperwork the day after it expires.
  • how some people do not like chocolate.
  • why some people go all out to exercise religiously and eat all kinds of healthy food, and then buy Almond Roca bar mix from Costco.
  • why I hesitate to ask for the nice pen from the vendor who has them on display but offers me a sticker.
  • why leaves aren't called "come outs" in the spring.
  • how turkeys are nowhere to be seen during hunting season if they're all that dumb.
  • why God wants anything to do with us, I mean, really.
  • why my hair looks great when the dogs are the only ones who'll see it.

I'll add on to this as the conundrums roll in...


From Sheila Walsh:

Don't ever forget kindness and truth. Wear them like a necklace. Write them on your heart as if on a tablet. Then you will be respected and will please both God and people. Trust the Lord with all your heart, and don't depend on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in all you do, and he will give you success." (Proverbs 3:3-6, NCV)

I wonder how kindness and truth would impact our lives if we wore them every day as the writer commands. Kindness is really under-rated in the church in my opinion. We are impressed with giftedness, talent and success but kindness seems to have little curb appeal. I love the fact that kindness and truth are paired together.


I would love to be known for being kind. Instead, I think I'll be known for being a kind of something...

Something to strive for.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

graduating already

Mine is the mantra of parents everywhere with a child graduating: How did they grow up so fast...?

I've been uploading pics to Photobucket so I can make room on my hard drive, and I came across these old pics of Ryrie and his buddy, Kyle. They
were so loud and rambunctious, full of spit and vinegar. They were chummy one minute and mad at each other the next. They were so much alike.

Miles and time have separated them, and they're not the close friends they once were. But they're still congenial, and I'm glad for that. I probably remember their closeness more than they do, so I'm all the more grateful for the pics.

To Friendship!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Li'l Boy and Big Toys

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Li'l Boy Outside