Monday, June 15, 2009

a sad intermission

There was a tiny baby bird that lay dead in the road on my walk today. I felt sad after spotting it. No idea how it ended up in the road since there weren't any overhanging tree branches. Strong winds could've blasted it out of its nest and into the road yesterday I guess. I took two sticks, tried to look at it only peripherally because I didn't want to see its dead face, and hoisted it into the bushes. I just couldn't stand the idea of it getting run over by a car. It just didn't sit well. This seemed a reasonable option. Ending up dust to dust or even being a meal for another critter was a better option than getting run over.

On a brighter note, I'm jogging more than half my walk now, so somewhere around 2 miles. That's happy-making!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was a rush of activity, but all of it so amazing and wonderful. We were SO happy to have my folks and Kev's mom there. The presence of the Lord was so obvious and almost tangible the whole time. It was a tremendous gift to all of us.

We stayed the night in a Sheridan (WY) hotel on the way there, and it was a great experience. If you ever need a hotel there, we highly recommend the Wyndham. It had everything we needed, it was clean and attractive, and the service was excellent. I made a big loud point of asking Kev to make reservations this trip because I'm sick to death of pulling into a town at 11:30 p.m. and pouring everyone into bed in either a dive, or a hundred-dollar six-hour stay. He outdid himself!

My folks went in their RV and Ryan went with them to share the driving with my dad. They left on Fri, we left on Sat, and we both arrived Sun afternoon. Brett had already had a bunch of his stuff sent to Sheppard, and the rest he stuffed in his car or moved to his host family's house.

The weather for the parades both Mon and Tue was so cold! We brought blankets and stadium seats, and Ryan and Jylle huddled under them for a while trying to gather some warmth. I have never seen my father shake from cold before. He was cold to the very core, but so obviously glad to be there. I was thrilled that he could enjoy being there. (My mom just finished radiation treatments the 13th of May, and she was still weak and in pain, so she didn't attend anything until Tue night. My dad of course stayed with her, but Mom and I both urged him to come to the parade since it wouldn't be long.) I didn't even think to ask him until we were on our way to the base, and I'm SO glad it all worked out.

The swearing
-in ceremony on Tue night was so impressive! We loved it! It was just our squadron, so it was the most intimate gathering. The cadets sat with their families until the last 15 min when they got up to make room for guests. It was a formal event, so it was lovely to see everyone dressed so nicely. The cadets wore their tux uniforms. One at a time, each cadet stood by the American flag, raised the right hand, and repeated the oath of office read to them by an officer of his/her choosing. After that, someone (usually a family member or significant other) changed the shoulder boards on the uniform. Having my dad change out Brett's was powerfully meaningful, poignant, and memorable. I loved seeing all the different people the cadets chose to do that particular thing.

The only dim spot in the whole weekend was
when Kev's mom fell when we got back to the car. It was dark, and there was a curb, and she didn't have reliable shoes on, so when she went down, it was a scary shock. She broke her hip and shattered her wrist seven years ago falling like that. But she recovered nicely and ended up with a baseball sized bruise on her shoulder.

Finally, Wednesday arriv
ed, and here it was the big day. Graduation Day was the perfect temperature--sunny and breezy! Thank You, LORD! God was generous and gracious! The cadets marched into their rows in perfect precision, and the band blared something that was probably its equal to Pomp and Circumstance. The most obvious difference in their uniforms is the golden sash around their waist. It's striking, and at least to me, yet another symbol of accomplishment, pride, and patriotism. They all looked smashing! Seated at last, the speeches began.

Joe Biden's speech was actually a pleasant surprise. He poked fun at Obama this on
e time after mentioning how windy it was as he implied the potential for something to happen to the equipment. "What will he say if I tell him his teleprompter is broken?" That brought both laughter and applause--and a new appreciation for Biden that I never thought I'd have!

We stayed in Brigham City on the way back since Dad wanted to take a flatter route home to ease the burden on his transmission. There was one time when "82" kept going through his mind. They needed gas, so he turned off on exit 82 in LaGrande. He kept driving into town looking for cheaper gas but finally stopped at a 76 s
tation when they couldn't find anything less. When he went to refill the transmission fluid, he found that it'd been leaking and was almost dry. A mechanic from the repair shop right next door saw what was going on and came over with this very specific tool for the job that made it so much easier! A total God-thing! Dad said if he hadn't stopped there, they'd probably have gotten stranded somewhere along the interstate. Eeeyuck.

I drove the last four hours home, and it was fun when Jyl
le and I were up front and wondered aloud about all the plans we might possibly make if we actually do get to go to SoCal together as her senior present. The Pacific Coast Highway and then all the way to San Diego, baby! We're all talk, but it was fun to brainstorm and dream...

When we pulled up to the house, we were so surprised b
y how much everything had grown! The lilacs were in full bloom, the grass needed mowing big time, and the plants on the rock wall were full and round. My doggies were wagging their butts off, whining and "doggie smiling" if you can picture that. I do love my doggies...

Brett came home for almost 48 hours the following Mon and is in Kenya now for 2 weeks, teaching and helping out at a school in Nairobi with anoth
er Christian friend, a fellow graduate. He'll fly to Europe after that and then to WA early in July. Kev and I will be getting back Israel shortly after that, and we'll all meet up at his mom's for a family reunion in Seattle and a trip to visit Kev's aunt in Victoria, Canada. Brett plans on seeing as many people as he possibly can before he leaves for Sheppard, as well as go camping, rock climbing, and boating as much as possible. I'm praying for good weather for it all!

Sooooo, it's over--the Academy experience, graduation, and all the concerns that accompanied that for me as a mom. Of course there are brand new concerns now that he'll be in pilot training at a base known for raising up fighter pilots, but I won't future trip, just take it as it comes. I'm already trying not to anticipate how much I'll miss him now that training makes it almost impossible to come home for anything but Christmas. Even then, I'm not quite sure...... One day a a time, Lord, right? One day at a time. Thank You for just one glorious day at a time.