Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Senior Week

Monday, May 30, 2005, was Memorial Day, so no school. Brett won first in the 800m at districts the week before, passing four runners in the home stretch for a PR and a berth at state (at EWU). I don’t think he’s in the house right now. I think he went for a run...

Tuesday, May 31: SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT. It was weird to see Brett stand up for honor after honor. It culminated in his acceptance of the Academy scholarship, presented by USAF Reserve Major Laine Wyrick. His name had been announced so often that when the presenter stood to present the AF Math/Science award, she said, “All together, now...” and everyone sing-sang in unison, “… Brett Mulligan…” He was a little embarrassed about it, which I found out when I commented on how eagerly he clapped for everyone. He said, “I thought I’d better!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The hound of rejection still lurks and occasionally even howls. Not rejection of me, but of someone whose company I seem to really enjoy when I'm with her! I can't figure it out except to assume that the enemy keeps persevering, expecting victory when I grow too weak to fight. If I face it, bark back the truth, and tell it to scram, chances are that'll be effective enough that I'll be able to go ahead and schedule another visit...

Sometimes I think that striking the balance between sanity and social obligation is a winged creature, flitting and silent, but originating from something core inside me so that I am tied to it unrelentingly. Somehow this is a Good thing. Did I mean God thing...? Maybe... He, too, takes on features of wings, silence, and a going in & out of focus, not to mention being ruthlessly tied to my core insides.

I run
and I reason.
and out of season.
I blink
and I'm blank.
I strive
and I sink.
I lean
and I rest.
I think
that's the test.
I go
where He's blessed.

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