Thursday, March 01, 2012


Jylle has a fabulous friend named Cassie. I like Cassie. In fact, I've never met a Cassie I haven't like. This one's impossible not to like. Unless you hate adorable puppies, brightly colored flowers, and fine chocolate. Then you're free to leave this post. And this country.

She's straightforward, honest, kind, brave, socially adept, cheerful, pretty, and moral. She's a party on wheels into the bargain.

Last night she called and wanted to come over to show us something.

Stage Time members showed some of the younger kids how to apply makeup for effect. While this did not beautify or bedazzle her, it was indeed interesting and worth the short side trip that we are on her way home. It was a kick.

Something both Ryan and Jylle do when they drive away is to honk the horn twice right before they get to the big box elder almost to the end of the driveway. Two short beeps is their way of bidding me goodbye, just something easy but personal.

Cassie wanted to do that too, but ended up failing to make the final curve before the road, distracted as she was by the timing of it.

AAA ended up saving the day--again. Honestly, we certainly get our money's worth out of them. Kev and Jylle took Cassie home while I waited for the tow truck to show up, which wasn't until this morning. Ah, well... They didn't apply it to our account since it was their screw-up, which is good business.

Another Cassie story for our family. Sweet girl. We love you. xoxo