Monday, May 19, 2014

Highlights and Afterthoughts

What did u get out of the conference?

That's what my dear friend asked me in an email after the Beth Moore conference. I had just finished entering my notes into a Word document, so the timing was perfect. This was my response. I wrote way more than I ever intended, but then, I usually do.

​It was keyed around Matt 25:14-30, the parable of the talents.
  1. To him who has much will more be given.
  2. Our common definition of "talent" is the natural endowments of a person. That’s exactly what talents are NOT in this parable.​ They are spiritual endowments entrusted to us by the Master. They belong to Him, and He will bring increase through us.
  3. We’re this fabulous blend of dust and Spirit!
  4. “Our talents are the Big Mac. Our abilities are just the fries.” ~Travis Cottrell (worship leader)
  5. Talent + Faith = Increase
  6. Tell Him, “Be something in me that I can’t be!”
  7. We’re in a talent competition in this world (like American Idol). We’re twirling batons—instead of passing them on!
  8. Applause is addictive—once you get it, you want it again. You can want applause, but it’s sin, and it stinks and bears rotten fruit. It’s about ego.
  9. There is no way around the danger, but there IS a Way through it.
  10. Ask God to show off so big for someone who needs Him and has never encountered Him, and flabbergast her!
  11. She shared how at a call for healing one time, she went forward even though there wasn't anything wrong with her that she knew of. She started feeling guilty when they laid hands on her and started praying. she went up because she thought, "Whatever He's giving, I'm asking for! I want some!"
  12. RISK.  That was the word He gave her for this conference. Don't bury your talent in the dirt. Don't hide it. Let it out, let Him have you without boundary, and let Him blow you away with what He'll do with it through you.
The worship was wonderful. "Never Once" and "Victor's Crown" were my favorites. There was another one, but I can't remember the lyrics. My favorite on the worship team was this big black gal who was beautiful in every way. Her fierce but gentle passion for Jesus came out in her voice, face, hands, and dance. You would've loved her too.

I went with my friend Tracy and three of her friends I never met before. They were kind, fun, deep, and real. She has her own Ya-Yas...  One of them lives kitty corner from Mae! She has cancer in her organs and is struggling with not just that, but melancholy, worry, and being strong for her family. She'll turn 50 in July and wants to make it to the birth of her grandchild. I wanted to cry every time I looked at her. I wanted to hold her and inject Jesus into her. I want her healed. I want to trust that He knows what He's doing, but my heart does that puppy head tilt thing. She's sad, and I'm sad with her. This is real life, not a movie, and there's no soundtrack, and I can't find the spoilers. My toe is absolutely nothing. This is a thing. Maybe I should've asked for prayer for her instead of me. I do want my fruit to be a fabulous blend of dust and Spirit...

Thank you for asking and thank you for listening. You're here with me right now, and your hand is around my shoulders. You come alongside me, listen, ask questions, tell me some truth, then make me laugh despite the tears. I love you so much. And I like you a lot too.

xo, ~c.