Saturday, June 21, 2014

VBS 2014

* So it all started innocently enough with a picture of this serious conversation about two Bibles and their origin. I talk with my hands, so here's one of them in the air, quite usual.

Then our crazy pastor (in that funny, delightful way) proceeded to continue in that vein. He was fairly insistent (in that 'nice uncle' kind of way), so I relented. He said the church secretary is served well when people are afraid of her. No big deal. I guess.




 So now there are these pictures of me being threatening, scolding, and at least suspicious.

Here, the tables are turned, and now it's his wife who's the bad guy. I do have to add, however, that it's not because he didn't try. She just would not give up the knife, so he had to be resigned with this compromise. He thought it would be especially funny because of my shirt.

First time doing VBS at this church.  It was a great opportunity to put names to faces and learn who goes with whom. It is so true that everyone has a story. I met three people whose biographies I would love to read. Yes, VBS is all about the kids meeting Jesus, and we had two in our group who did just that *party in Heaven*! I can't help but want to meet these people though who are going to be our church family. Its fearless leader and his wife are wonderful, and we love them already. Pretty good for a week's effort.


*       The gal in the middle does missions. We share Asianness and has a fascinating life story. Biography #1.

**     The young woman who did crafts, sweet, talented, and fluent in sign language. Biography #2.

***   The leader I assisted. Loving, engaging, and invested. Biography #3.

**** Heavy lifting/moving helper. Musically gifted and able to teach with a nonstop sense of humor. He would probably be a great read too, come to think of it.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Much-Loved Quote

I read this years ago, and I considered its meaning for the longest time and not just once. I have found that people often react negatively to this quote, which was a head-scratcher for me after I processed it.

A fragile self-image due to abuse or being misunderstood and maligned can fog the message. I understand that people in survival mode may be too close to the misery in the first part to be able to receive the second, so to you, I give you all the grace in the skies.

We come to God with absolutely nothing to offer Him except empty hands to be filled by Him and a yielded heart that is willing for His anything.  He is Hand-Filler. He is Missions Director. He is Child-Guider, Singer, Dancer, Perfect Gift-Giver, and Lover Extraordinaire. I want my expectations, plans, and desires to be His expectations, plans, and desires. When they're not, my heart cry is for Him to change my want-to's. I am willing to be made willing. It is poverty of self and childlike powerlessness that will allow me to fully appreciate the endless riches and resources of Heaven.

May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Let the music resume. ♫