Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Everybody's down with green today. No pinching allowed. In fact, it's even a law at the middle school. Leprechauns must've created the pinching grief since it's the type of mischief that's annoying and inconvenient, but not actually full-on malicious and tragic.

I wish you the wonder and singular happiness of finding a genuine four leaf clover at least once in your life.

Oh, yeah--Go, Zags!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Small Sweetnesses

The older I get, the more sweetness I find in small things.

Someone handed me a little potted flower last night. She gave them out to a lot of a people, so it wasn't a gesture with a lot of premeditated consideration behind it, but I was still so blessed. Could be that it massaged my love language--Gifts--but I found a sweetness in receiving the modest plant all the same.

My husband left a short little note for me on the counter. I had to fix the electric fence that was obviously not working since my horse was sticking his entire head and neck through it, so I buzzed out there while they finished getting themselves off to school. I found it when I came back in, a silent testament to a love that sings out to me every single day. I put it inside my Bible.

Joey's coming back next week!!! College kids across America are going home for spring break. It's a common occurrence, nothing monumental, but for my motherheart--it's a sweet, sweet, sweet thang! I can't wait... I miss him so much. I miss his voice, his handsome face, his witty one-liners, the challenging conversations with his dad that I can't contribute to but love overhearing, the sight of him standing with his arms wide open and slightly bowed so I can just step in and be hugged. My son is coming back home. It's only for a week, and he'll be gone for a couple days of it even, but every morning he's here, I know I'll do the same thing I did every morning during Christmas break--wake up to the lovely whisper in my head, "Joey's in the house," smile, and think of what I can do to bless him that day... The sweet nearness of someone whose life you cherish... Thank You.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Signs of Life

When I'm troubled by my selfishness or pride, when I become disgusted with my behavior, when I turn to You in fear and pain over the condition of my soul, in all gentleness and mercy, You whisper to me again, "The fact that you're troubled, that you're irritated, that these things bother you--you're not falling away--those are signs of Life."

My short term memory is becoming a concern, but at least for right now, I'm comforted to know that it is my soul's reflex to run to You. Perhaps in the future it is this reflex that will direct me back to Grace and Truth when my poor little memory has shrunk like a raisin.

Friday, March 10, 2006


We had to say goodbye to our old dog on the fourth. We all knew the day would come, but that didn’t make it any easier. I sobbed as I pet him while he lay there on the sidewalk. He was obviously uncomfortable, and I prayed hard for some relief. I couldn’t bear to see him suffer. We all took turns saying goodbye and choking back the tears.

His stay in our family came into question when he was one. We put an ad in the paper, and a family almost took him, but declined at the last minute. We even came close to shooting him ourselves when he got our purebred female pregnant so soon after her first litter! It was Joey’s pleas that saved his life. Parker became his dog after that.

I like puppy breath, but he lost his way earlier than most dogs. Bad breath—no, horrible breath—was his hallmark.

His sweetness was utterly endearing though. He truly was the sweetest thing—not a mean bone in his big ol’ body.

He’s buried with his pillow beside a beautiful creek in Newport. Slumbering away these last two years, more and more toward the end, it’s a perfect spot for such a calm—and calming—friend.

This is an excerpt from a poem my dad wrote for us.

I'm sad I have to leave you,
But so glad I was your friend,
You all loved and made me special,
I was happy to the end

My pain became a measure,
telling me it's time to go,
I feel thepain of leaving,
But I know that you do too.

I still find long blonde hairs on the rug from his tail. At first it made me bawl, but now I smile and reflect on the love and devotion he showed me. such unconditional love... We can’t be touched by that without being changed in at least some small way. There’s an eternalness about that kind of love.

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