Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Be

I'm still caught up in behavior as much as I thought I wasn't. Yesterday I caught myself thinking that if I made better choices, was as on fire for Christ as I see some others are (Ryan, Zeb, Gretchen, Jotham, and Timbo to name a few), if I was doing my part to really spread the Gospel, that I'd be more worthy to be called His child.

But that's not true! Billy Graham and Mother Teresa couldn't be worthy. Nobody is. Only Jesus! I can never be worthy, only grateful. My only act is to look to Him in faith, and I believe even that is a gift from Him.

When I realized my wrong thinking, I silently asked, "What am I supposed to do...?" His gentle answer still causes pause and consideration. "Enjoy Me."

Just be present in the moment and know that He is here. These moments too are gifts and bound up in time.   I like the adage that we are human beings, not human doings. Be rightly related, and savor His sweet communion. He'll let me know what to do in my next moment and the next.