Thursday, March 13, 2014

If I Only Had a Left

Sometimes I wish I was left-handed. Most of the left-handed people I know are wonderfully creative in at least one area. I seem to believe that if I was naturally left-handed, I would be the best kind of left-hander. I would:
  • have a lovely singing voice
  • beautiful handwriting
  • make my hair be cute on even humid days
  • dance like a ribbon on a breeze
  • take stunning photos
  • arrange my home in quite an aesthetically pleasing fashion
  • remember personal preferences for people in ways that make them know they are special
  • pull off sweats as pretty
  • move gracefully
  • know naturally what colors, patterns, and structures look great together
  • whip up something deluxe on short notice with what's left in the fridge 
  • notice things right-handers usually miss (to help, not to criticize)
  • create A1 pictures in several media
  • write captivating poetry
  • see the beauty in every person
There is obviously some overlap into what right-handers would do, but this is what my left-handed self would look like. I actually have no idea if the things on this list are more often found in lefties, but I do realize that the most important bullet point is the last one. Whether Jesus wrote in the dust with His left or right hand, He saw the beauty in that woman, just as He sees the beauty in each of us. And that's the part of my brain I want to be dominant.