Monday, May 31, 2010

a high school girl at heart♥

I started going to youth group Jylle's freshman year just so she could go. I always did like the worship, and now I could hang out with some of the high school kids I really enjoy. Now that Ryan's home for the summer, I don't have to go. In fact, she has her license now so she can drive herself. But I'm still going. For one thing, Kev doesn't object. Secondly, I still enjoy it. There are kids I really look forward to seeing, and if I don't see them on Wednesday, I won't see them at all.

Ryan wrote a poem for me that contains the phrase, "a high school girl at heart." I've never forgotten that because it's fraught with meaning. On the negative side, it could mean I'm not that mature and still involve myself in shallow, frivolous matters. Stings, but it's true. On the positive side, it could mean that I will ever be able to relate to the things that these young women care about, whether it's the shallow or the not-so. I like being able to relate and be relevant to these girls whose hearts I truly care about. Being able to listen and empathize and then pray for and with them is a privilege, and I know it's work that He's put before me.

Maybe I like how carefree and ready to laugh they are. Maybe I like their contagious joy and their eagerness to be together. Maybe grown-ups are serious a LOT, and I like a break from that. Maybe it's more than I even know. All I know that I have a big green light, and that's a good enough Go for me.

Off to straighten my hair and buy some gum. Gosh.....