Thursday, December 21, 2006

all that I have

Being reminded of the tremendous blessings that are mine-all-mine, the families of those who've lost a precious one in the war come to mind. There will be a seat glaringly empty at the table on Christmas Day. There will be presents that won't get bought, a stocking not to fill, a tradition that will have lost some of its preciousness, a favorite food that won't be enjoyed, and a laugh that will have been silenced. These things and way more for thousands of families this year of "firsts." My heart will sing in thankfulness for all the blessings I have, while it will also hum in quiet prayer for the broken.

When He Speaks

Reading Matthew this morning, seems to me it's recorded that God the Father spoke when John baptized Jesus. It's not recorded that He speaks again until Rev. 21:3 when His new bride is presented. That's a LOT of silence. But the voice of His Son is heard on every page and is rich and melodic with the strains of the Father's bass. The heart swell of my Abba in the face and longing of Jesus, His desire and passion in the sweeping and weaving of the Holy Spirit as He reveals Jesus...

It is ALL ABOUT JESUS. From Genesis to Revelation, it is all about Jesus. What a gift to treasure and ponder these few days before we gather together to honor the Treasure-Gift from the Father's own heart to ours. XO

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Temptation

On Temptation

1 Peter 5:6-10

1. Humble yourself.

2. Cast your anxiety on Him, on the cross.

3. Be of sober spirit--there's evil on the prowl.

4. Resist--be firm in your faith.

5. Remember that others are experiencing the same things.

6. You
will suffer for a little while.

7. Christ Himself will perfect, confirm, strengthen establish you.

8. Worship!

Monday, December 11, 2006


I wonder, did Mary have to become pregnant before marriage? Otherwise everyone would "know" Jesus was Joseph's son...?

I look at the incredible love, tenderness, and compassion Joseph had for Mary. No doubt he loved her, so the news that she was pg must have been heartbreaking. Betrayal. Jealousy. Rage. This is how I would've responded. Divorce her opening and enjoy her humiliation. "God got your pregnant... riiiight..."

But Joseph kept quiet. He did not want her disgrace. He was deliberate about his compassion. He took the time to plan on a secret divorce. In Matthew 1:20, it says, "While Joseph thought about these things..." He was considering them, looking at them. He was human after all. Surely he must've been suffering. But like Jesus, Joseph gave up his rights---out of love for his precious bride. What confidence Joseph must've had in who he was, in himself as a man and in the God who gave him such power, grace, and freedom to act in kindness.

It takes a supernatural love to not crush, to not shame, to not demand what is rightfully yours. He exercised mercy instead. And it must've been his character all along because it's the terrible times that bring out our true nature when everyone can see what we truly believe. Joseph must have been a man of humility and gentleness and that quiet, powerful strength. He must've practiced a life like that in a thousand moments that molded him into the man God chose to help raise His Son. A man with God's heart. He couldn't have been perfect obviously, but the Bible says nothing of any of Joseph's faults.* I find that omission highlights or spotlights what is written of him.

v. 24 says that when Joseph woke up, he did what the angel told him. He took Mary as his wife. I think he did it that same day! He didn't wait! And he kept Mary pure until she gave birth.

All that and self-control to boot.

What a man.


* There's mention of worry or being anxious in Luke 2:48 when 12 yr old Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem while everyone else left town. Jesus had been separated from his parents for 4 days by the time they found him. If worry or anxiety is a sin, a sign of mistrust, then this would be the only mention I see of something other than the golden character I read of Joseph.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Do you ever feel like this kid? I wake up every morning feeling I'm that kid. It's an uncomfortable fit.

I have a friend whose child is making some really bad choices
. She knows she's doing things that are bad morally, logically, and spiritually, but she doesn't care. I've come to learn that Pleasure Right Now is ten times denser in weight than Possible Consequences. An ounce of PRN breaks the scale over PC every time. It's like crystal meth--gotta have it, gonna have it, don't care.

Been there, done that.

My friend said she doesn't understand why someone would keep on doing stuff that's not good, stuff that grieves God's heart and flies in the face of His deep and consistent protection and providings. I remember Woody Allen's comment on his relationship with Soon-Yi, "The heart wants what it wants." I can't count the times I've done that, wanted what I wanted because Pleasure was so much more fun or interesting or whatever than doing the right thing.

It's kind of like this computer. I restarted it, then Windows wouldn't initiate. It just stayed in that DOS state, waiting for a new set-up. I found out that when the ipod is plugged in, it causes the computer to stay in that mode, just like when a floppy is in the drive upon restart. When I am of the mindset that I am geared toward enjoying what I want, the only thing that will turn me around is the gift of the revelation of So Great a Love. Until that smacks me heart-center, I will continue to drive this truck off-road. It is that deliverance alone that can pull the ipod out and allow the divine operating system to work. As long as that interceptor is allowed to interrupt Life, I will chase my tail and think I am living and keep on missing the Real thing.