Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Jeslyn

I have a niece who's one of those rarest of finds. She's a beautiful girl, tall, slim, with coffee-colored hair and eyes the color of a summer sky. It is her heart that captivates me though. We are polar opposites politically but she puts me to shame when it comes to living out the Gospel. She has exhibited more grace and maturity in the face of trial and opposition than most of the believers I've ever known, myself being the least.

Her joy leaves you wanting more. Her humor is quick, often self-effacing, but always wonderfully out there. She inquires into my life, into my heart, my well-being, and when she questions, it's as if I'm the only person in the room or certainly the one she cares about the most at that moment. She makes you feel important, relevant, and worthwhile. Seldom has she ever given her attention to anything else when we talk. Her gaze is steady, focused, and intent, and you find yourself wanting to bless her with your words and an equal attention.

She is a wonderful writer, and I wonder if the Palouse realizes the jewel they have in that rural area. While her talents might later be put to use in a large, metropolitan city, possibly not even in the States, I hope her heart will always be drawn back home here. I love just knowing she's in the area, as if that makes the sun just a little nearer in the winter.

I admire you, Jeslyn. And since my human love is so small, I love you with God's bottomless, infinite, overwhelming Love. mmWAH.