Tuesday, March 13, 2007

so critical

I have GOT to pay attention and get serious about disciplining my mind. It's the part of me that gets the least pruning exercise! When I listen to myself over a period of time, it's disturbing how negative and critical I am! Yuck!

Okay, let's do this!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Object of Temptation

From Chapter 10 of The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee, ©1977:

The object of temptation is always to get us to do something. During the first three months of the Japanese war in China we lost a great many tanks, and so were unable to deal with the Japanese armor, until the following scheme was devised. A single shot would be fired at a Japanese tank by one of our snipers in ambush. After a considerable lapse of time the first shot would be followed by a second; then, after a further silence, by another shot; until the tank driver, eager to locate the source of the disturbance, would pop his head out to look around. The next shot, carefully aimed, would put an end to him.

As long as he remained under cover he was perfectly safe. The whole scheme was devised to bring him out into the open. In just the same way, Satan’s temptations are not designed primarily to make us do something particularly sinful, but merely to cause us to act in our energy; and as soon as we step out of our hiding-place to do something on that basis, he has gained the victory over us. But if we do not move, if we do not come out of the cover of Christ into the realm of the flesh, then he cannot get us.

That is my tendency--to play the "expendable crewman" and pop up, letting my head get blown off. I remember back when I thought I really could live a relatively sinless day. That lasted about three days. It was when I realized that I could be downright holy as long as I didn't have any interaction with anyone else. All by myself, holiness looked like a pretty reasonable goal. NOW I see the titanic need I have to be utterly dependent on Him to do one small act out from Love.

Stay under the umbrella of His grace, and you won't get your noggin sniped!