Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Our nephew Brian had a grand idea last year when he thought to get us all together here to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's one of those key family holidays, so it was a joy to be able to get to do it again. It's a tradition we're thoroughly grateful for and one we hope we can keep up for a reeeeeally long time.

Brett and Lydia entertained her mom and brother as they visited them for the first time in Colorado Springs. They'll be with us for Christmas, but we sure missed them among us this year.

Amy got to come though! Her first Thanksgiving away from home, away from any family. We're going to be family though, and we loved having her. She was so helpful and fun to have around. She's extremely lovable, easy-going, and she's a perfect fit.

Kev and Brian know how to juggle, so they picked up some tangerines and figured out how to juggle them to each other. It looked pretty cool when they figured it out. Mel captured this picture of their circus act.

There was plenty to do to prepare for dinner, and I was thankful for all the help. Jylle came home Tuesday night, and she picked which jobs she wanted to do off my list. Of course, I had her do even more than that. You know, 'cause I'm the mom, and I can.

Amy got to meet the West side Mulligans, and they were glad for the chance to meet Ryan's fiancée. Mom really enjoyed her and is looking forward to the wedding. (But not more as I am!)

Doreen and I waiting for the turkeys to be done.

Clockwise from top:  Me, Kev, Mom, Doreen, Jamie, Amy, Ryan, Jyllea, Brian, Wayneen, Alan

Post-meal, Day of, Pre-Christmas Photo Set-up

Amy and Jamie helping us center the cameras

Someone's camera went off too soon...

Aren't they cuuute?


Our Thanksgiving Day surprise! We didn't think she'd calve until January. So we have Lily (mom), Billy (bull), and Willy (steer). What to name this one... I thought of Grilly. Amy called him Turk because of Thanksgiving, and Kev calls him Junior. 

If everyone enjoyed even a tenth of the fun and love we did, they would indeed be blessed. It's a warmer, more thoughtful, deeper kind of appreciation when you know there is one less chair at the table. It will not always be like this, but for now, I am deeply grateful.